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Safety & Training Unit


STU's mission is to provide each student with the necessary information and techniques to be a SAFE RESPONSIBLE DRIVER and to provide staff with the HIGHEST QUALITY TRAINING possible.


STU uses experience and innovation to educate students and families in order to save lives and reduce injuries through organized curriculum, family involvement, and professional instruction. To provide a learning friendly environment that meets the needs of each student's learning style. To recognize and understand each student's strengths and weaknesses. To provide each student with the proper training so they can obtain a driver’s license. To provide the motoring public with SAFE RESPONSIBLE DRIVERS.



4 Seasons Auto Driving School Safety & Training Unit's primary function is to provide optimal safety and training services  to all our students and staff. In accordance with local and  state laws and regulations, federal standards, and company policy and procedures, the first order of business at 4 Seasons is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff and students at all times. 


The Safety & Training Unit makes recommendations to the Chief Executive School Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Board of Advisors and Investors to improve the programs and operations of 4 Seasons Auto Driving School.

E-Mail the Safety & Training Office at;

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